Opencart Import/Export tool error

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Hi there.
Recently came to you guys from another server. Get everything up and running now for the most part.

I'm trying to export my database into excel files through the import/Export tool for Opencart. I have 1200+ products so I export in batches of 500. I should have 3 batches. The first 2 downloaded fine. The last one created this error:

mysqli::query(): send of 129 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe

Just wondering if you guys have encountered this before.
Any help is greatly appreciated. -Dan
IMH Support Agent 5
Most of the documentation I've read regarding this "errno=32 Broken pipe" error involves editing MySQL configuration files, specifically the my.cnf file. This is because PHP is using the mysqli multi-query in this instance, and it cannot process the full command. There may be an alternate way of exporting that batch, but I'm not sure if OpenCart offers an alternative by default. What they have told you in support chat appears to be correct, or at least a step in the right direction. To edit the MySQL configuration files requires root access, which is not available in a shared hosting account. Have you tried exporting the database manually? If the ultimate goal is to convert the database into a spreadsheet, there may be third party programs available that can do the transcoding with a raw database file.
Hello Dan, Thank you for your question about your OpenCart 1.5 Import/Export tool error. Unfortunately, we haven't heard of this error before. However, you may try increasing your max_allowed_packet PHP variable in your PHP.ini file. If that doesn't help, I would recommend that you make a full backup of your website, and then update to the latest version of OpenCart v2.3.0.2. Gratefully, Casey B.