How To Do Automatic Backups On WHM Or cPanel?

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i tried to find a place to back up my websites with database, in case of accident, i can still restore them back, but i can't find the place to configure them. please help!

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WHM Backup Utility - Reseller
Hello what are some options to be able to do a backup of all of my sites through WHM. I have a reseller account with you all. Thanks.
Hello trafficoctagon, Thank you for your question regarding configuring backups. Here is a link to our guide on How to Keep Regular Backups for Reseller Accounts. This allows you to access and download backups manually. There is not a built-in tool for automatic backups as a Reseller, but you can create a cron job to automate the backup. Unfortunately, you will have to custom-code/develop the cron solution. Thank you, John-Paul
Hello, Thank you for your question on a backup utility for Reseller WHM. There is not one that specifically backs up all subaccounts under a reseller. WHM's backup utility would run for every account on the server. Each cPanel is capable of performing a backup, so you may want to set up backups on a Cron. Kindest Regards, Scott M