Tab in menu coming up blank

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My domain is In the menu I have several pages broken down by categories then again in sub-categories by brand. If you click on the EYE SHADOW PALETTES tab the page is blank but if you hover over the tab you see the brand tarte. Since I will have 10+ brands under the eye shadow tab is there anyway to basically put the same sub-categories listed when you hover on the eye shadow palettes page so they can click the brand tarte and be redirected to the tarte sub-category link without having to go back up and hover and click and so I don't just have a blank page if you click eye shadows.


Thank you for your question about redirecting one of your menu pages to another page. The easiest way to do this is to have your top-level page redirect to your desired page using a WordPress plugin / extension. I would recommend searching WordPress plugins for something like "wordpress page redirect", and seeing if any of the options found fit your needs.

Casey B.