PHP --sending email to specific email after a task is submitted.

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Let me start off by sayingI am not a technical person, but something about the scenario I describe below does not sound right to me.

At my job, we currently have a portal, written in php code to submit work into, the uploaded documents (work) is then sent to the back office where he/she receives the said work. After the work is completed in the back office, we are trying to set up a system to have the account manager notified by email showing the work is complete or if there are any outstanding issues preventing it from being complete. Currently, the back office has a drop down that indicates work is complete, pending, more info needed, etc...but this information is not automatically sent to the account manager for that client.

My boss would like to have one central email set up to have all notifications sent to that email from the php portal. We would then set up rules to have the email forwarded to the appropriate staff.

So essentially, only one email address will be used in the php coding process and then we will control the forward rules through our Microsoft account.

Our IT person (contractor) said he needs to have both the email address and the password for said email address in order for the php code to run and send a notification.

I have never heard of any code needing a password to work. Passwords should never be given out in case of breach. In addition, if we need to change the password for any reason, the IT person says the code will then stop working, meaning notifications to the email address will then stop.

My question--does this sound like correct php coding for sending a notification to an email address or someone who is pulling our leg? I've never dealt with this before on any previous job.

Thanks for your help/advice moving forward.
Tim S.

Thank you for your question about php and sending emails. The notification email address is simply receiving the emails from the server. The server itself does not need to have an email account associated with it to send an email. The notification email would come directly from the server. There's no reason to need to password to the email account that is receiving the notification. Think of it this way, someone now that sends you email doesn't need your password to do so, so, why would the sending server? The server itself doesn't even need to have an email account to send emails. It sounds like they are possibly trying to have the application log into an email account and send an email directly from the account, which, while might be possible is unnecessary. I hope this helps!

Tim S