Hosting Email Server Locally and sent/receive email during server down

  • Answered
I want to locally host my Email Server but I cannot make it up 24 hours so is there any way to access my new emails and sent email during my local mail server down.

Hello mrashid100,

Thanks for the question about hosting a mail server "locally." When you host any servers locally, we are assuming that you mean that you want have the physical server (the computer) in your location. Hosting on a service running on hosted server, is considered local. For example, the MySQL service running on hosting server with InMotion is considered local. So, if you're talking about local, please make sure that your definition is matching what others are saying. In this reply, I'm assuming you mean that you want to run mail at a server in your physical location.

This can be done, but you would need to be running the server and any prerequisites for that server. We don't provide that kind information as we provide those services and website hosting services as part of our business.

If you're talking find a way to send or receive emails for your account while the server is down, you would need to have an alternative service running. It would not be the same domain, especially if you're expecting the original server to come back up.

I hope this helps to explain it clearly. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.