The directions and video show different info to direct nameserver.

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Do I enter all this info (notice the #1 after ns)? - IP Address:
and this? - IP address:
OR (notice the #1 is missing)

The table shows the #1 and IP address, but the video somewhere else does NOT have the #1 in it.... I currently have my domain registered with hostgator and it's pretty easy to find where to change my nameserver, but I am unclear about what EXACTLY to type into the two fields. Do I also enter the IP address? Since it takes so long to propagate, I just wanted to clarify. Thank you!

Thank you for your question on the name server names. Both are correct. We used to only use ns and ns2, but we added ns1 as well because it made sense to have ns1 if we have ns2. You can use ns OR ns1 and ns2.

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Scott M