Protecting a WordPress website

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Hi, this question was asked to me by a client and would like your advice.

In a WordPress website, my client wants to give access to his blog to certain people and was wondering if it would be better to install a membership plugin or just password protect the folder that has his blog on. If the latter solution what would be the folder to protect the access.

Thank you.

Hello rdizazzo,

Thank you for your question on protecting a WordPress site. I think it is best to use a membership plugin. This way you can have some content for visitors to see and want to sign up with. Also, Google will see these pages and can rank the site for traffic. Also, if everyone uses the same password to get past a folder to see the site, whenever you need to block someone, then everyone else will need to know the new password.

With a membership plugin, everyone has their own login ID and password and can be administered more efficiently.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M