Site not live after FTP'ing

  • Answered
I've FTP'd my files (via Adobe's Muse) to my "public_html" folder. The files are there, but I can not view my site when I go to type in my URL. When I do that, it has the "website coming soon" page there still.

Funny thing is, when I FTP'd the same files to my Addon Domain, I can view it in a web browser no problem. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong for my Main Domain ... please advise.

Thank you.
Tim S.
Hello [email protected],

Thank you for your question about using FTP to upload your website. There's a default page called index.html. Rename that to something such as "index.html.old" and that should correct the issue. The default page for a website looks for the index.html file first. If it's there, it will display it. Renaming it resolves the issue immediately.

Tim S