What happens after I delete a website?

  • Answered
I was testing a Boldgrid template and didn't like it. I deleted the Boldgrid plugins and imported a Wordpress template. All the content from the Boldgrid template is there. A support member tried to empty it out but it didn't work. If I delete my website. What will happen then. Can I start a new website with the same domain name?
Hello, Thank you for your question on what happens after deleting a website. If you did not want any of the content,pages, posts, etc you built on the BoldGrid theme (stock or custom content added by you), then you would have been able to use the BoldGrid Start Over feature to remove everything and be back at the default WordPress site. If you already deactivated and removed the BoldGrid plugins, you will need to do each page individually. Or, if you have no content of your own yet, you can simply uninstall the WordPress and then reinstall it. It will come up as a default installation with no extra content. You can always delete your site and start fresh using the same domain name. Kindest Regards, Scott M