How to Move my Laravel Website from Sub Domain to Main Domain?

  • Answered
i am not able to move my website from its sub domain to main domain. Its in laravel. plz anyone can help me how to do that ??

Thank you for your question on moving your Laravel site from the subdomain to the main domain. When you say 'subdomain' do you mean '' or are you referring to another different domain name such as which is under The latter is actually an add-on but it is often referred to as a subdomain.

If it is the second, is there a specific reason to move it? No one without a specific knowledge of the server's structure would know and even then, they would not be able to tell it from the web.

If you are moving from '' to '' you will need to move all the files up to the main domain folder. After that, you will need to change any configuration files to remove the subdomain portion of the domain name in any reference. This may also include looking into the database itself.

If you have Laravel installed locally, you may also need to check the configuration files and adjust any path references to ensure they are correct.

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Scott M