Fully responsive Boldgrid themes?

  • Answered
I am currently customising the Gridone theme on my site, and I notice that it doesn't adjust smoothly to various screen sizes. This means, for instance, that images spill over beyond the screen borders. It also means that the site doesn't resize smoothly when a user adjusts the size of the browser window.

Is this just a 'feature' of Boldgrid themes or can something be done?

Thank you in advance
Hello Philip,

Thank you for your question about responsiveness in the Grid One theme. I regret that you are experiencing what sounds like a lack or responsiveness. However, I was not able to replicate the spillover effect you mentioned. As I was resizing the window while viewing your site, I noticed the text adjust smoothly around the images, and the images lay neatly in the columns. I tested this in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Christopher M.