What alternatives are available for Spam Assassion other than URIBL?

  • Answered
Since it appears that Inmotion Hosting isn't willing to provide a feed for URIBL, is it possible for me to configure Spam Assassin to utilize a different source? Real time black lists are a valuable resource, but to configure a great spam fighting tool so that it can't possibly do its job is a real disservice to your customers.

Thank you for your question about using URIBL with Spam Assassin. As far as an alternative you could use right away we would need more information about what your ultimate goal is or what the specific error you reached while trying to use this service. If you were in a shared hosting environment, it is possible you met with a limitation. However, in a VPS environment, there are no limitations as far as connections you can allow or services you can install and use.

Christopher M.