Not sending mail from inmotion webmail to yahoo

  • Answered
When i send mail to yahoo mail, its showing mail is send successfully(i am tried it using webmail) but not recieving it. when i send from yahoo to inmotion hosting mail it can be recieved. All others are working properly eg, gmail
Tim S.

Thank you for your question about your emails not being received by Yahoo. Just so I understand, it seems that when you send emails to Yahoo they are successful. However, the emails never seem to arrive in the Yahoo account. In this case, we recommend you reach out to our Support department. They can look at the logs for the specific emails and see the response codes from Yahoo. This can let us know if the email was, in fact, successful or if they are being delayed by Yahoo. These response codes from Yahoo will help us determine the next course of action for you.

I hope this helps! Thanks!

Tim S