Paypal Paynow is without any visuals?

  • Answered
Hello! I talked with your customer service agent called Jami. And he asked me to write to you. So here we go.

Having TWO major problems here...
First, as the topic says, my Paypal button doesn't have any visuals. It really is boring to look at.
Second, can i somehow change the pricing to have default for 24% VAT? I really want the tax to be included so i dont have to charge the customer "extra".

Thank you so much in advance! I have provided you with a picture of the problem.
Hello, Thank you for your questions about changing the pricing to have the VAT tax and changing the graphics of the PayPal Paynow button. If you look in the PrestaShop documentation on taxes you will see that there is an option to include taxes in the pricing. However, make sure to check your rules on VAT, since it may be required to display VAT taxes for online transactions. The screenshot you provided shows that the button is not loading at all. There is a solution (a few of them) listed in the PrestaShop Support forums here. Please look at the responses to see the different options to fix the issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.