Categories as pages using Boldgrid

  • Answered
I am using the Boldgrid theme Wedge to build my website. I have added a Category "TEST" as an item in my primary menu on my home page. My intention is that people can click on the "TEST" menu tab to view all my posts on that specific category. This is functioning as I want, however I would like to edit the category "TEST" page aesthetically.

Currently each post that has been assigned the category TEST appears in full, whereas I would just like the page to display the titles only. In addition I would like to change the wording at the top of the page from "Category: TEST" to just "TEST" as the title.

I have managed to remove the widgets I do not require from the Category TEST page already.
Hello, Thank you for your question on displaying posts from a single category on a page. I went to the site you referenced and could not see the area you described (test item in menu.) If I am understanding you correctly, this is not able to be accomplished by default as it is not a native WordPress feature. You may want to search for a plugin with that specific feature. The one I located (List Category Posts) says it 'lists' the posts, though I am unsure if it gives the post content as well. It may be worth checking into as it may do what you ask. Kindest Regards, Scott M