Cannot setup Jetpack Publicizing on Wordpress

  • Answered
Hello, I'm trying to setup Wordpress Jetpack on my site; however I'm receiving an error code. Jetpack support says "Your host is limiting concurrent PHP connections. Jetpack needs to be able to talk and receive at the same time, which means it needs concurrent PHP processes. Most commonly, asking your host to change the PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN setting to 2 will solve this issue." How do I go about fixing this?
Hello, Thank you for your question about issues with Jetpack setup in WordPress. We cannot make widespread PHP changes across a shared server, but there are a few changes you can make to your account to make the Jetpack servers more accessible from your site. One thing you can try is disabling mod_security. Or, if your site is able to connect, are you only having trouble with the "Publicize" feature? Best, Christopher M.