How can I approve posts from one user?

  • Answered
Hi there,

We have a problematic user on our forum and rather than banning them, we would like to have to approve their posts before they are made public. Is there a way to do this where this is only applied to that user?



Thank you for your question regarding approving posts for a user in PHPBB. You can create a user group in phpBB, and assign the user to this new group. Then, follow these steps to confirm the permissions are set correctly.

  1. Then check the user settings, go to: ACP -> Users and Groups -> Group forum permissions
  2. Choose the user group from the drop-down menu, then click Submit.
  3. Check "All Forums" then click Submit.
  4. Go to Advanced Permissions, and confirm the "Can post without approval" option is set to "No".
  5. Click the Apply permissions button to record any changes you have made.

So you will end up with a new user group that requires approval for post, with the one user assigned to it.

Thank you,