Email notifications no longer working from WP site.

  • Answered
Have there been any changes or updates that may cause my WP site to no longer be able to send out notifications emails? My "request for info" contact form, and my contract forms will no longer send out the notification emails

I'm using the latest updated version of WP, and Gravity Forms.
I did not make any changes to any of the settings.
The problem started about a week and a half ago.
When I manually go into my WP management panel I can view and see the entries but I cannot send any notification from my management site either. I can only print or make PDFs.


Hello richa144,

Thank you for your question about the non-delivery of notifications from WordPress. It is likely a configuration in SMTP. If you are in a VPS/Dedicated hosting plan you can review system logs to check the mail path. Or, if uncertain about that, I advise checking with our Live Support team. They can review the logs with you for any incoming/outgoing mail issues.


Christopher M.