HTTPS Security Issue for Pics

  • Answered
Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with a few images that need to have the Java Script sync with HTTPS and NOT just HTTP...... When the sight is converted to HTTPS we get no images and a WARNING SIGN..... Very typical I guess..... Support sent me here for help - I truly hope someone can fix this issue, it seems to be minimal, but the images are blocked/won't load because the Script is not right.

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Thank you for your question about images not being served on https. It looks like most of the images on the site are using relative linking, which will work on https. More importantly, some images utilizing the "Lightbox" feature are using absolute paths stemming http. This is likely the cause of the SSL errors you're seeing.

Depending on the Lightbox plugin you may be using, there should be an option (or at least a self-coded solution) that will build the links relatively instead of using absolute paths.

Christopher M.