How can I visit my site without typing www before my site name?

  • Answered
I can only visit my site if I use www. before my domain. I need it to work without putting www before the site name.
Hello, Sorry for the problems with your URL not working without WWW. If you're using an InMotion Hosting account, then the WWW version of your URL should be set as a CNAME in the DNS entries. This means that if you use the domain name without the WWW, then it should work. If you add it with a WWW, then it will still go to the same URL. However, if your site is set to use a re-write that shows only the WWW path, then you will not see the URL without the WWW. You can also use the Advanced DNS editor in cPanel for that account and then make sure that the CNAME is set correctly. If you continue to have problems with the domain name not working without the WWW, then you should contact our live technical support team. They can help you make any necessary changes. For more information on using re-writes to force either a www or non-www URL, please see this tutorial. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.