I could not find a easy way to respond to your answer

  • Answered
I want to thank you for your very helpful response to my letter but it's not easy to do that. Hence why this is in the wrong spot. You can see you tried to help me and that is what I love about this company. Thank you and I will try your solutions. As to to why this answer is here? I tried to click on reply from your email, but could not because I had to sign in. Every time I tried signing in? I would lose the page to respond to you. I could find no easy way to find even my original question. It has been a long day for me, so if your not hearing anything about this problem? Then its probably just me or others are just not bothering to find a way to respond. I would think after signing in I would land back on the page I was signing in to respond too, but maybe not. Anyway again Thank you for your help. I love this company.

Thank you for your question about questions and answers in our system. I am glad you were able to get through in spite of the hurtles you had to jump through. Sometimes questions get stuck in our approval process. This is meant to combat spam, but sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of suppressing a legitimate question.

Thank you for your kind words and let us know if we can be of help in the future.

Christopher M.