Cannot fix duplicate URL's

  • Answered
Hello, I have installed a URL cleanup module and it says "You need to fix duplicate URL entries:" then lists a lot of duplicate URL's with different languages as their default. (German, Russian, Spanish and French) Does anyone know how to fix duplicate URL's?

Hello Zack,

Thank you for your question about fixing duplicate URLs. I saw your post on the PrestaShop support forum as well. The problem is that you are creating those duplicate URLs when you use the add-on module to clean up your URLs. The only way you're going to avoid that is to go through your products and determine where the duplicates are occurring. You would then have to either re-categorize the product or remove it so that you don't have a duplicate URL for that product. When I look up information on the Faktiva's module - "PrestaShop clean URLs", it basically removes the object IDs from the URL. You need to identify how your products are being named or categorized in the clean URL. If you can see what's causing the duplicate URLs to appear when using the Faktiva module, then you can adjust your inventory naming if you want to keep certain products that are resulting in duplicate URLs.

I hope this explains the issue. There is no automated shortcut for this problem. To summarize it once more: You would need to go through your products and then identify where the duplicate URLs are occurring when using your add-on module. You would then need to change terms being used for the product paths that are duplicated so that they have unique paths.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.