Placing a business card with no code

  • Answered
I am seeking help on how to place a local business card (image) on one of the prime spots on my site. I have no code. and the spots are setup to accept code, unlike the post an ad where you can upload a image with no problem or code. I am using osclass with the gum theme. There must be someone out there that has done this, although maybe not with the gum theme. If you have done this? Can you provide the steps you took starting from the image, how you got it to the site, the file you installed it in, etc till the final product installed on your site. I am looking for main page insert or wherever really. I know each theme and installation will be different but I cannot find any tutorials on how to load a image with no code into those prime spots, Of course I probably am googling for answers using the wrong terminology?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding placing a business card in Osclass. I spent quite some time looking into this, and it will require a custom code or a 3rd party plugin. They discuss code options further on this post I found via google search. Some of the plugins I found for adding an image are OSCLASS IMAGE AND VIDEO COMBINE SLIDER, and Picture Director. Thank you, John-Paul