Website speed is slow despite working a lot on it...

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This question has multiple parts... We have a fairly robust site (*****.net). I've been able to get some improvement on speed with a few different plugins, and have improved our gtmetrix scrores significantly. However, I'm still getting some slow page loading complaints and I have a few questions about using various plugins. I've got Autoptomize active for compressing my stylesheets and scripts; using WP Fastest Cache; using Far Future Expiration (all file types set to 365 days). Now for the questions...

1) I tried using W3 Total Cache a while back and it crashed the site, so not open to that one. However, WP Super Cache is an option I believe, if it's recommended over WP Fastest Cache. I just want to improve my scores!
2) How often should I delete the cache in whichever caching plugin I use?
3) Any other tips on speeding things up? GTMetrix shows our pagespeed scores at an "A" but YSlow at a "D" or "C"...
-- see here.. it's mostly the expires headers, making fewer HTTP requests, and cookie-free domains...?

Help? Thank you!
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding website speed. I recommend testing both plugins since it really depends on how your site is setup. See if one is giving you a better speed result than the other. How often you delete the cache depends on how regularly you update the content. For example, if you add new posts daily, you would want to delete the cache daily, to allow visitors to see the new post. If you mostly serve static content that does not update often, it is fine to set it to delete less frequently. Your scores are pretty strong in GTMetrix (an A in PageSpeed). I recommend clicking the "YSlow" tab and looking through the suggestions. If you suspect a server issue you can review the logs, or ask for a server review (via Ticket) and include the times of the reported slow down times. This will allow them provide account specific information. Thank you, John-Paul