Confusing info about nameservers

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I've recently moved my reseller business to InMotion and love the abundance of help information available though sometimes there is conflicting info given. For example:
This support page clearly shows which nameservers to use depending on whether you are on dedicated/vps or reseller/shared servers. In my case it would be ns1 and But in my AMP technical details page where is the first place I would look for this info it tells me to use ns (note: NOT ns1) and even though the support page specifically says those nameservers are not for shared or reseller hosting.
I went with the former.
Maybe it doesn't matter?

In perusing the various support docs and info given in community support I've found other confusing and sometimes contradictory instructions but can't remember specific ones right now.

At any rate - I'm not complaining and I really appreciate the effort and the attentiveness of the support personnel here. I am a Site5 refugee where they recently fired the entire (used to be wonderful) support staff.
Hello robbielink,

Apologies for the confusing information being presented for the name servers used for Resellers. I looked myself and saw where they had put in the default name server for InMotion Hosting accounts. You are correct, they should be set to and The correct name servers do matter as they affect the operation of that domain name. I have reported the issue to our development team, and it is scheduled to be fixed. I believe it will be included in the next update to our interfaces. Apologies again for the confusion. We appreciate your patience and perseverance in using InMotion Hosting as your web hosting solution!

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.