Unable to see content after DB import

  • Answered
I imported a DB from another website I'm migrating. After importing, I can see the data in phpMyAdmin but the lists of Pages and Posts are missing the imported content. What step am I missing?
I had a similar problem migrating a Wordpress installation. I used the Cpanel backup and restore method (which I would not recommend) of backing up my database and my home directory via Cpanel on old host and then restoring on new host (InMotion). What happened to me was that the restored database name was changed to myolddatabase_localhost. The fix was to change the localhost part back to the original name. I also had to recreate the database user as that did not transfer. These were both done in the MySQL section of Cpanel. So if you used the Cpanel method that may be what happened to you.
I see now that the better method is to download your files via FTP and export your database via phpMyAdmin. And, as Arn said - clear the cache.
Hello [email protected], Sorry for the problem with being unable to see the content of your website. You appear to be running a WordPres s site. If you did migrate the site to a new location, make sure that you have reset the permalinks . We also have a series of articles that discuss the migration of WordPress sites to InMotion. Please review and make sure that you have taken all of the appropriate steps. If you continue to have problems, then please let us know immediately. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.