Email forwarding from non-InMotion provider to InMotion server?

  • Answered
When you speak of email forwarding it's not clear to me if you mean from one InMotion address to another or from my current email account with my ISP to my new InMotion email address. I want to be able to reconfigure Fetchmail to download ALL of my email from InMotion's email server, even though most of it for the time being will have been sent to my current address at my ISP. Is this possible?

Thank you for your question about email forwarding. Yes, you should certainly be able to forward your email from your ISP to our account with us. However, for specific information about how to do so, or if they will allow you to you will need to contact your ISP for more detail. Once you have that setup, you just need to configure Fetchmail to access your mail account with us.

Casey B.