Trouble Adding Add-on Domain (.com & .org)

  • Answered
cPanel is setup with my main domain ( and I'm trying to add-on two more domains: and (only difference is .com and .org) but I can only seem to add one of them. I can add but when I try to add, it tells me that already exists. I tried removing from the subdomains list but I can't do that as well. Some help here will be very much appreciated. Thank you :)
Hello [email protected], Thank you for your question about setting up addon domains in cPanel. When you create an addon domain, cPanel automatically creates the subdomain (which you noticed as, and it is always the "before-the-dot" portion of the addon domain added to the main domain. cPanel is likely sending an error because it cannot set up the new subdomain. This makes sense, because the subdomain already exists. As an alternative to addon domain, you want to use the "parked domain" or "Alias domain" option for the domain that will not contain website files. Best, Christopher M.