copying a section on the page so I have two

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I have a section that works to take people to pay for something on PayPal. Now I want to put two items on the PayPal site at the same time so they can chose one or both. I tried to copy the section of code that went to PayPal but it only took the first original one. I did refresh the PayPal page in case it wasn't seeing the recent change but that didn't help. Here's the code that works:

I tried to add the second item using this piece of code:

It won't add the Barrio Tour to the PayPal shopping cart. Thanks for any help in getting it right for this form.

Thank you for your question on getting the code to work for a second item with PayPal. Unfortunately, we are not able to troubleshoot code as there can be many variables we cannot see from a snippet.

However, I did visit your site and was able to add the Barrio Tour to the paypal shopping cart. It seems you were able to correct the issue and we are happy to see that it is working for you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M