Do you support DNSSEC Setup

  • Answered
Do you support setting up DNSSEC for a domain? If so, what must I do or what tool do I use?
Please see our recent article, How to Enable DNSSEC with Cloudflare. Also, you should be able to implement DNSSEC on your VPS or Dedicated server if you have root access and your domain TLD supports it. Within the last few years, we've added a lot more security content: Harden VPS Hosting Advice on dealing with the "On this day" phishing scam email Subresource Integrity Secure Web Activity We plan to have more content related to newer security implementations such as content security policy soon. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding supporting DNSSEC setup. We do not currently offer any server with DNSSEC already set up. Keep in mind "This function is not available on servers that belong to a DNS cluster." As per the cPanel documentation. But, you could possibly set this up yourself on a VPS, or Dedicated server as long as you have root access. Thank you, John-Paul