Migrate WordPress 2.7.1. to InMotion?

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I was unable to find info. on wp versioning in the online docs. I'm dissatisfied with my current host and thinking of moving over to inmotion, but preferably without having to upgrade my current blogs. Is it possible to migrate a WP 2.7.1. blog to inmotion hosting without upgrading it?

(The fact that my WP 2.7.1.-blogs run on my current host without problems suggest the answer on inmotion must be "yes of course". But I need confirmation on this before signing up. )

Thanks, Hansi

Hello, Thank you for your question regarding migrating a WordPress 2.7.1 site to InMotion. Yes, this should not be a problem. We actually have detailed guides on Migrating your Existing WordPress site to InMotion Hosting. Also, if you need assistance moving your website, you can submit a website transfer request from AMP. But keep in mind, we always recommend running the latest version of any software/plugins you are using for security purposes. Typically, updates address known security vulnerabilities or bugs in the software. Thank you, John-Paul