CSS and JS files not loading

  • Answered
We've just copied our existing site from our old hosting provider to inmotion. While checking before changing the DNS record for our site, we found that one of the Joomla components we are using (Kunena forum) is not displaying correctly. Investigating further, we have found that several CSS and JS files needed for this section of the site are not being loaded when the page is served. Any suggestions as to what we need to change to fix this?

Thanks for contacting us about the non-appearance of your Joomla component. Considering that the site was transferred it is possible that there are absolute paths that reference the outgoing server. These paths would need to be updated for the new server. Troubleshooting the paths to the files would be the first step I would take in any case because there is nothing in the server by default that blocks JS and CSS.

Christopher M.