Cannot import or upload databae

  • Answered
I am developing a Joomla! website on WAMPserver. The database it generated cannot be imported back to phpMyAdmin, or uploaded to an online server. Error 1064 - syntax error because I have COMMENT at the end of my table. Putting text next to the COMMENT generates error 1054 'lft' 'field list'. This occurs in several tables of the database generated by MySQL 5.7.11 through phpMyAdmin. I can send an example.
Hello kcomvid, Thank you for your question about importing a database for Joomla!. It sounds like there is something that phpMyAdmin or MySQL does not like about the syntax of the file that you're trying to import from. I would recommend reviewing our article about 1064 errors, but you may also wish to seek the assistance of an SQL developer for more in-depth assistance. I would also recommend contacting the Joomla! community at for more assistance with this issue. Gratefully, Casey