Have four different sites & themes, but all with the same issues.

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My issue first it starts with a misconfiguration on the plublic view of the site. Thenn when enter the desktop to customize the site and save it, the view is correct, but it is not the same that shows after and then it shows issues with some plugins and so on until it colpases, then I have to restore it from a backup, all works fine for few days and sudendly the same issue starts the same way all over again.
Have tried to solve trhough support assistance, but it have been even worst. The them creators heve bo found issues, and I have other site, same theme, same plugins but different hosting and no issues at all as in here. Was about t o move all my sites to inmotion but I have to hold it until I find a solution to this.
WP, themes 6 plugins are all uptdated to the last versions and the issue doens bot affect only one site, but the four I actually host in my inmotion account. Each site have a different theme.
Does anyone have a simlar problem? Any advice?

Hello patzcu5,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your sites. There is not enough specific information here to let us make any assumptions on what the issue can be. We also cannot deal with individual account issues from here in the public area, but we hope to try and help with some general advice.

First, enable the WordPress Debugging.

See if there are any error messages that appear.

Also, give our WordPress Common Troubleshooting guide a try and see if that helps.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M