All CSS And JS Files Are 404 Not Found On Multistore URL In Prestashop

  • Answered
I have enabled multistore option enabled in my Prestashop website(version I have setup a store named 'abc' and set its URL ''. My site home page is running well but when I go to my store URL '' it does not load properly due to it couldn't found all JS and CSS file in head tag and it is showing a "404 not found error" for all CSS and JS file in the console. What can be the problem there? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello, Thank you for your question about 404 errors on your Prestashop website. I would recommend contacting the Prestashop community for more assistance with this. Also, you may want to work with an experienced web developer, if you don't have one already, to assist you in resolving this issue. Gratefully, Casey B.