We didn't find a mail server (MX Record) behind your domain name

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On the Sign Up page the PHP Emails going to spam folder with Hotmail/Outlook (Gmail it's ok)
I tested with mail-tester.com they gave me a note of 6/10 (saying : Some inboxes might still refuse you) cause they didn't find a mail server (MX Record) behind my domain name

I didn't find any help online (I added a MX Record apparently it doesn't work) I'd like to know how I can have a MX record Please (I was with another hosting one month ago and this option was taken care automatically)
is it maybe cause I just transfer my domain name to InMotion ?


Thank you for your question on MX records for your domain. In checking the domain name you provided, I see that you actually have 2 MX records. One is pointing to the domain name itself and the other is pointing to the server name. Both have the same priority. I would advise to remove the one pointing to the server name and use the one pointing to the domain name for best results.

You can do that via your cPanel. Look under the Email category and click on MX Entry icon. There you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and see the existing records. Simply click the delete button to remove the extra record.

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Scott M