how to format ndiividual blog posts

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I am using BoldGrid and the plugin Blog Designer. My blog page looks perfect, the post background is different from the page background. But when I click to Continue reading the post, the full page post is printed directly on the page background. How can I make the full posts on the background like they have on the Blog page? Thanks.
Hello MJR,

Thank you for your question on how to change the background of a blog post. When you edit the Post usign the BoldGrid editor, the post content is in a single 'Section'. Clicking on the 'Section" menu button at the bottom, you can set the background from the default 'see-through' to a solid color, white, for example. The the post text will display on a white background while the rest of the page will still have the main background color that was set in the Customizer.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M