how do I get a sidebar on my blog page, to put a search box, etc.

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I cannot figure out how to have a sidebar on a boldgrid page. I am using a grid one and have installed a blog designer plugin and a sidebar plugin. But I still don't have a sidebar. Thanks -
Hello MJR,

Thank you for your question on adding a sidebar to your page. You can add a search bar to your blog page by adding a search widget to the 'sidebar#1' section. To do this, go to the Customizer. Then click on the Widgets tab. From there go to the "Edit in Admin" button. This opens up the regular WordPress Widgets page. Add the Search widget to the Sidebar#1 section.

Now to create a blog page, just create a new blank page and add nothing to it. Then go to Customizer and click on Advanced tab. Next, click on "Static Front Page". Now, click on "Posts Page" dropdown and select the page you created for the blog page. That will create a page that will display your posts and have a sidebar.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M