OpenCart Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in /home/mydir/public

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Using php5.6.27 I ran a test php program to see if mySqli is installed and it is not. Hello World

'; if (!function_exists('mysqli_init') && !extension_loaded('mysqli')) { echo 'We don\'t have mysqli!!!'; } else { echo 'Phew we have it!'; } ?> I cannot find where to install it using WHM it lists mysqlnd as an installed module (which is supposed to include mysqli) Here are some instructions from the php manual but I do not know how to compile php to add the mysqli module: PHP Version Default Configure Options: mysqlnd Configure Options: libmysqlclient Changelog 5.4.x and above mysqlnd --with-mysqli --with-mysqli=/path/to/mysql_config mysqlnd is the default I did update the php.ini to add this line: How can I use mysqli? Thanks!
Hello, Thank you for your question on mysqli being installed on your server. It definitely should be there by default. Still, you can install it by running EasyApache on your server. You can follow the instructions we have for installing mbstring using EasyApache, but selecting 'MySQL Improved" instead of mbstring in the instructions. Kindest Regards, Scott M