Sharing posts with Facebook

  • Answered
I have a Wordpress site and am trying to connect to and share posts made on my site with Facebook.
I keep getting error code 32300 and am unable to connect. During my Google research I was told to ask my hosting company if they block the XML-RPC file.
So, if you do block this file is there any way you can unblock it?
When I run Facebooks debugger I get: "The 'og:description' property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags."
This developer stuff is way above my head! I really need professional help.

Hello, Thank you for your question regarding sharing WordPress posts on Facebook. InMotion Hosting does not block XML RPC protocol. As a test try disabling mod_security. If your problems persist, I recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide to narrow the cause down further. Thank you, John-Paul