how to start over - website

  • Answered

i'm new, so sorry for the question. i built a site on a given WP theme, and have changed my mind and want to start all over. i've tried to reinstall a new theme, but its funky and i think i'm getting complications because of my previous WP install and various work done on the previous theme. how do i erase all WP-related files and start over? don't need to redo email.

i saw an article once on softaculous and how you can do a WP install with rewrite, but i couldnt get that to work. i was never promoted to rewrite.

Hello, Thank you for your question on starting over in WordPress. Seeing that your account was installed using Softaculous. You can also uninstall using the Softaculous tool. Then you can simply re-install it. That is the fastest way to start over. Kindest Regards Scott M