504 Gateway error

Anselm 3 months ago in Server / Connectivity updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 months ago 3

We are getting a 504 Gateway error on all our hosted websites. What could be the problem?

Hello, i need process a biggest request but  is blocked by error 504.

i need help!

I recommend reviewing your server's error logs for additional clues into the cause, or contacting your system administrator for assistance.


Hello Anselm,

Thank you for contacting us about a 504 gateway error. This error often happens when Apache or PHP-FPM take too long to respond. This typically relates to a long-running PHP script. For example, attempting to perform a large import operation, big file upload, etc. By default, NGINX will wait up to 60 seconds for PHP and Apache to send back a response— if it does not receive anything in that time, it returns a 504 status. If you get this error and have not performed any sort of long-running operation, you may want to look at your plugins. Poorly-written plugins or long-running database queries can trigger this error since the page has to wait for these operations to complete before sending a response.

Thank you,