Missed Contact Form Leads

  • Answered
I was under the false assumption (newbie here, so excuse the ignorance) that when a client completed the contact form I created on my website, that I would receive an e-mail. That is not the case.

Is there a way I can either see their message submission from the form or receive a notification that a submission has been completed so that I can respond faster? Help?

Sorry to hear you are missing emails coming in from your form. You can view submissions from within the dashboard by clicking on "Forms" and then the "Submissions" option. They will show in list form.

You can also set the email address you want to receive by clicking on "Forms" then "All Forms". Then select the form you are working with. Form id 6 is the default (Email Form (Traditional)). Hover over that name and click the "Edit" link.

Now click on the "Email & Actions" tab. Then hover over the "Email" link and click "Edit".

From here you can set the email address you want to receive a copy at the "To" field. Enter your email address there and you should get an email sent when someone submits a form.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M