PHP Script problem with custom WordPress template

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Hi, I have a web site (not yet live) that I have inherited here:

The original developer has written a php script that calls four pages from a category called 'programs' on the homepage. It keeps breaking and only calls 2. I have reached out to the developer but am not getting a response.

It was running fine until I installed Velvet Blues to fix links and then it broke. I assumed it was the plugin that broke it so I restored it to an earlier version and it was fixed. Everything was fine. I reentered the content I had lost in the restore. I didn't use Velvet Blues again bit for some reason it broke again anyway.

The php looks fine to me but I'm not a programmer. The four pages it's supposed to call are all there and haven't been changed at all since I inherited the project. I created a fifth test page and it, along with another of the original four, showed up fine -- but still only two. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to this site but enter content.

InMotion thinks it might be a programming issue as this is a custom template. Can anyone help? This is the second time I have posted this problem to this community. The first time being on Sunday Oct 2 -- sorry if I'm repeating myself.



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Hello Joanne, Thank you for your question about your PHP script. I received your question and answered it yesterday. It seems there are missing list items in the site once it has been generated. I hope that it something you are able to update without your developer. Otherwise, it should be something they can fix. Best, Christopher M.