SFTP with addons / subdomains

  • Answered
Is there a way to work with SFTP for subdomains / addons of shared hosting?
I use SFTP for my cPanel user but this gives full access to the main domain.
I want to give partial access to a sub-domain nut with SFTP.
How do I create multiple keys etc to do so?
Thanks for your help
Hello, Thanks for the questions about using SFTP for a subdomain. The control for FTP (or SFTP) is per each individual user. When you create an FTP account you can specify the folder that the account can access. This is all done UNDER the user folder in the field labeled "Directory". For example, if you want to limit someone's access in FTP to the folder "example", then path may look like: "/public_html/somedomain.com/example". The key for access to SFTP would remain the same, but the user will only be able to access the folder designated when the account was created. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.