Your data center is far from my target audience

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I've seen your plans I'd like to host my WordPress site here but your data centers are located mainly in the US; my target audience however is in Africa. Some host providers I've searched on the internet have data centers both in America and Europe, so how do you guys deal with such scenarios, because the farther the host the worse it gets ?? Are you able to guarantee me a good performance as compared to others ?

Hello leclaudio59,

Thank you for your question on the effects of the data center location. While distance can have a slight effect on overall speed, the quality of network has a larger effect. Our networks have 99.999% uptime. That has no effect on speed, but it is overall uptime for your website. We also have free SSDs which makes the servers faster. This means they can send out the data to the network quicker. While it does not affect the network speed directly it can make up for any loss due to distance because the server can send the data quicker. Those two things together can give us a possible edge on data centers that are closer to you.

I hope that helps in your decision making, but always compare and choose what is best for your situation.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M