Elasticsearch - The solution to page load time?

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Hello Community!

I am running a wordpress website with woocommerce. I am selling weddingrings, so I have a lot of variations of my products as well as additional plugins to help create a good user experience. The drawback of course, is the page load time, which seems to fluctuate in between different updates for different plugins.

I moved to Inmotion Hosting, VPS1000, with the hope that I could lower page load times by adjusting php settings and allocating more memory.

Most of my clients are in Europe, so by going to US servers has added what I gained from these settings.

So I came over Elasticsearch, and thought that it might be the cure to all problems. When doing some searches and filtering on my shop page, the load time can be up to 40 seconds. Of course, not a lot of people wait for that, and it must definitely affect my sales negatively.

On my server I have two cpanels and domains.

I have gotten Elasticsearch installed.

My questions are:

1. Is the Elasticsearch installed on only one cpanel, or on the server in general?

2. If elasticsearch is installed on the server in general, can I still set up two different ElasticPress installations for my two different sites? In the future I would like to add more domains and cpanels with webshop, would there be drawbacks when using the Elasticsearch on many sites on the same server?

3. Can something go wrong when doing the integration with ElasticPress. Is there something that I need to prepare for? If I notice that the site is behaving strangely, how do I revert the changes?

4. Is there any coding I need to be doing? Should I hire somebody to help me with the integration, or is it a piece of cake? Once integrated, will things just work like a miracle?

I am very thankful if somebody could help me on this!

It seems like all the problems I have had, might actually be solved by using Elasticsearch.

I really hope so! :D

Kind regards,


Hello Marcus, Thank you for your question regarding ElasticSearch and page load times. 1. Elasticsearch is installed on the server. 2. Yes, you can use Elasticsearch on multiple sites. 3. We are not aware of any specific problems, but it will depend on your specific mix of plugins/themes. As always we recommend performing a backup before making any changes/updates. You can disable Elasticsearch by removing the code from "Step 1" of the ElasticPress installation guide. 4. You must add the code to your wp-config.php file. This is covered in the full guide on Integrating Elasticsearch with WordPress using ElasticPress. When I tested your site using the Google Chrome Timeline Tool, and the GTMetrix site tester, it seems your site could benefit from being optimized. Here is a helpful link to our full guide on How to optimize Wordpress. Also, here is a helpful guide on How to Optimize WordPress images with the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. Thank you, John-Paul