Auto-Assign to custom group (Adult/Minor) during registration.

  • Answered
Using Joomla 3.x My registration/login form has DOB as a Required field in profile section. If age above or below 18, then I want registrant automatically assigned to Registered Adult or Registered Minor group. Registered adult has full access (all pages, blog, suggest, etc.) If Registered Minor, certain page(s) blocked, and no blog, suggest, etc.

Read forums, communities, plugin/extensions, etc., but wonder if Joomla can do this natively with code (or very little code, if I absolutely have to). How can I do this? Are than any instructions out there? Any tutorials specific to this issue? I'd greatly appreciate any help on this. Been searching for days, now. Thanks in advance.
Hello, Thanks for the question about automatically users when registering in your Joomla site. The problem has to do with automatically assigning users in the Access Control List in Joomla . You can probably customize Joomla to provide auto user registration but it would require some coding. There is no straight-forward tutorial for auto-assigning usersthat I can find in the Joomla documentation. However, there are several extensions that have this functionality such as Frontend-User-Access or the one click registration extension. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.