Site shows up #1 in bing, yahoo and duckduckgo but not on google

  • Answered
Site is indexed and shows up when looked up as site:marketing international but only then. If without 'site' it does not show up at all. Did all SEO measures, google webmaster, analytics and search console. All seem to work well but it does not show on google. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks. is the site.

Thank you for your question on why your site is not showing as high in Google as others. Each search engine has their own algorithm to determine placement. Google is by far the most complicated and populous, so it takes a bit more tweaking to get your site to the top of it. Since you can find your site in Google using the 'site:' filter, you know they have indexed it. All you need now is to work on tweaking it to get it higher. Be sure to use hte Webmaster tools to help you as you work on it.

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Scott M