prestashop help redirecting the home page

  • Answered
I have prestashop installed and it keeps redirecting my homepage (just a holding page at the moment) to /Site/x.html. Do you know how I can override this so it the index page shows up at the .com?
Hello, Thank you for your question on how to display a different homepage for your site. The server looks for an 'index' page to display in the following order: index.htm, index.html, and index.php. PrestaShop has an index.php page as the default. This means if an index.html page also exists, that one will display first since it is ahead in the list or priority. If you remove the index.html page, then the PrestaShop page (index.php) will show. If you just want to override this temporarily, you can add some code to your .htaccess file and remove it when you are done. We have an article on changing the default page for your account that explains how to do that. Kindest Regards, Scott M